Breaking News:- Sani Musa Danja Was injured By Nigeria Soldiers

Somany Things wrongly Happed In Social Media Where By People Are Saying That. Hausa Film Actor Sani Musa Danja Fall In Trouble By Soldiers. and People Are Talking Any How The Like.

“While Some people Are Seriously Saying That The Soldiets Beat Sani Musa Danja Verry Much And the ‘Ill’ Him In His Body, Which as The Result of Misbehaves That Sani Musa Danja Did.

We Are Sure That It is Not Really Happed That Sani Musa Danja fall In this Problem.

This Image That You Are Seen At The Top, Is From The One Of The movies,Film’s That Director Give The Acting To Sani Musa Danja .

So We Are Sorry For This uncertain Rumous From The Media.

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