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Video:- Liverpool Vs Everton 5/01/2018 Highlight 2-1 Goals



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Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho to BBC Sport: “I was feeling that we were close to scoring and we never stopped trying. But when you get past 80 minutes and the goal hasn’t come, you fear the second match. But the team kept trying so I knew the goal could arrive.

“It was a great shot by Jesse Lingard in the top corner, he’s in a moment of confidence where things go well for him. He’s a good professional and a fantastic kid in the dressing room.

“Derby defended very well. They changed players as the Championship is important to them. Scott Carson played well and the post played well for them. They were close to a replay – but they didn’t need it.

“The Championship is coming in a direction where they are Premier League level, they just play in another competition.”


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