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Sabon Album:- Umar M Sharif Kuyi Hakuri Complete Album MP3



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Good Day To You All Our User, Our Blog Reader’s Am Wishing You All The Best Also We Come Back Again With New Album.

This Album Was Release By Umar M Sharif Best Musician In Kannywood Hausa Film Industry, This Album Is Verry Nice Good Fantastic.

This Album Was Named As “Kuyi hakuri” By Umar M Sharif Best Talent. Therefor Umar M Sharif Is Wish His Loves To Enjoy This Latest Album 2017.

Apary From That “Umar M Sharif” he had intuitive Capability Who Make Singing And Beat Own His Own Studio. Also Admin Wish You All The Besr To Enjoy Downloading And Listening After Finishing Download.

Star Download Now Below:-

(1) Download Umar-M-Sharif-Kuyi-Hakuri-Album-Intro-1 MP3
(2) Download Umar-M-Sharif-Kuyi-Hakuri-Album-Song-No-2 MP3
(3) Download Umar-M-Sharif-Kuyi-Hakuri-Album-Song-No-3 MP3
(4) Download Umar-M-Sharif-Kuyi-Hakuri-Album-Song-No-4 MP3
(5) Download Umar-M-Sharif-Kuyi-Hakuri-Album-Song-No-5 MP3
(6) Download Umar-M-Sharif-Kuyi-Hakuri-Album-Song-No-6 MP3
(7) Download Umar-M-Sharif-Kuyi-Hakuri-Album-Song-No-7 MP3
(8) Download Umar-M-Sharif-Kuyi-Hakuri-Album-Song-No-8 MP3
(9) Download Umar-M-Sharif-Kuyi-Hakuri-Album-Song-No-9 MP3
(10) Download Umar-M-Sharif-Kuyi-Hakuri-Album-Song-No-10 MP3
(11) Download Umar-M-Sharif-Kuyi-Hakuri-Album-Song-No-11u MP3
(12) Download Umar-M-Sharif-Kuyi-Hakuri-Album-Song-No-12 MP3
(13) Download Umar-M-Sharif-Kuyi-Hakuri-Album-Song-No-13 MP3

Download Umar M Sharif Tsintuwa Complete Album Here
(14) Download Umar-M-Sharif-Kuyi-Hakuri-Album-Song-No-14 MP3
(15) Download Umar-M-Sharif-Kuyi-Hakuri-Album-Song-No-15 MP3
(16) Download Umar-M-Sharif-Kuyi-Hakuri-Album-Song-No-16 MP3
(17) Download Umar-M-Sharif-Kuyi-Hakuri-Album-Song-No-17 MP3
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