What Did You Think If Emmanuella Naija Comedian Worth: $90,000 USD “See In”


What Did You Think Emmanuella is the currently the youngest comediene in Nigeria.

She has played major roles in the now famous “Mark Angel Comedy” skits is now being featured in films

produced within and outside the country.

Emmanuella was discovered by her Uncle, Mark Angel, who is a

cofounder of the “Mark Angel Comedy” company and one of the major role players.

Emmanuella currently has a net worth of $90,000 (over 20 million naira). She gets her cut from the millions they earn from YouTube and also, gets pretty well paid for movies she was featured in.

Emmanuella Samuel (well known as just Emmanuella) was given birth to on the 6th of July, 2010 and grew up
with her Uncle, Mark Angel, in Port Harcourt. She won the G influence
Niger Delta Special Talent Award in 2015, and surprisingly, she’s still a primary school pupil.

Young as she is now in age, her role models are topnotch international

comedians Kevin Hart and Basket Mouth.

She’s the most successful youngest comedien In Naija. the Mother Tough Is Igbo Language But Now Be Com Milloniare

woooo Try Your Slf To Me Comedian To Earn Money………

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