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MMM Nigeria Support Updates for February 14, 2017


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Guiders Meeting Updates
Andrew: You can withdraw mavro 2016 but it’s still under limits
Andrew: Limits for 2016 going higher depends on how we handle things at this stage.

Andrew: We are waiting for new technical implementation.

Andrew: When you create GH request, dispatchers do not match the requests immediately…? It will be solved soon. It’s not moratorium.

Andrew: Programmers are working on things.

Andrew: We will freeze mavro 2016 and it will be unfrozen for only those doing promo TASKS
Andrew: With promo tasks we will be able to get new participants and new PH and let us pay people their money.

Andrew: My take is that if you PH 10% you will get 10% of your mavro 2016, if you PH 100% you will get 100% of Mavro 2016.

Andrew: PH before GH will probably not work

Andrew: Promo tasks can be done on any smartphone

Andrew: It can be done on Facebook
Andrew: It will help to increase activity

Andrew: Promo tasks can give us exposure to move forward

Andrew: Programmers are working

Andrew: They want to implement
it in such a way that GH will no longer exceed PH

Andrew: But will take some time to implement it.

Andrew: Pls share screenshots of people paying to encourage others

Andrew: Hold seminars pls, we will pay for it.

Andrew: If you are not active we will take your guider status away.

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Andrew: If we need to push you, we will.

Andrew: It’s your duty

Andrew: Do small events if you want, even home events.

Andrew: Go online

Andrew: Do something!

Andrew: GH orders will be

matched. Be patient

Andrew: Give your suggestions on how we can use promo tasks to get mavro 2016. Think about this and give me feedback

Andrew: I hope SMS notification will be turned on this week.

Andrew: Promo task contests will be launched this week and rewards will be given.

Andrew: We will review all your suggestions

Andrew: What we want is for you to suggest how we can use promo tasks to get limits off mavro 2016

Andrew: We want to create a platform where we will have a serious discussion, not this one way thing.

Andrew: We will be able to talk and discuss

Andrew: This platform is not able to have a 2-way discussion

Andrew: We want us to talk
Andrew: Now it’s time to work
Andrew: You will see what we will achieve
Andrew: Bye……!

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